Direct TV or Not. posted here 10 2 17

From Hank:  I don’t know if the following comment I am posting is reliable. But at least I think  the info may be valuable to some people.  I found the comment on

·13 Aug (2017)

Before we got the HD antenna we switched from Spectrum (never a problem when it was Bright house but when Spectrum took it over it went south) to Directv. The guy came out to install it, and it would not work so we cancelled it within 24 hours. Directv charged us $411.00, which we put on our credit card at the time of installation. They refused to refund our payment, which they legally have to do if cancelled within 3 days. We had our bank dispute department contact them, and after fighting with them several times it was resolved in our favor, so it was taken off our credit card. Last week we received a bill for $411.00 again. I called and they said that it was only resolved on the bank side, and that they were still going to charge us, and we had to pay it or they would send to collection agency. Remember now, we cancelled it within 24 hours! Tomorrow we are going to start all over with the bank, and a lawyer if we have to. All that said to warn everyone NOT to go the Directv route!

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