In These Lying Times, ‘Receipts’ Offer a Glimmer of Justice

Keeping up with the truth has become a miserable business..

….have incited a general zeal for truth-seeking in other realms of power. Lies — from white ones to whoppers — are being exposed almost as fast as they are being told, via Freedom of Information Act request, via news reports, via the fire extinguisher we’re now calling “receipts.”…

….When judicial and legislative avenues seem stalled or faulty, receipts work as currency in the people’s court. And sometimes they command actual consequences….

….She tweeted a screen shot of the transcription as digital evidence. In other words, she tweeted a receipt….

….A receipt used to refer to something material — physical proof of a transaction that was usually financial. Anyone who has ever filed an expense report can attest to how easy they are to lose. Phone technology has simplified our relationship to the receipt as a material thing. Uploading scraps of paper to an app, say, helps maintain blood pressure and sanity…

….Receipts as a stand-in for legal and legislative or even personal justice have a robust and varied life in popular culture, where they’re evidence admissible in the court of beef….

…“The receipt boom registers a shift in our society: Where the powerful once exercised their power with relative impunity, now we might be seeing glimmers of accountability.” Well, almost no one who has been presented with receipts has copped to being culpable. So if we are not yet seeing actual accountability, then at the very least there is shame, and for the receipt holder, righteousness…

….Or just glimmers of reason. “Receipts” enjoy a robust social-media life as a visual contradiction….

….When judicial and legislative avenues seem stalled or faulty, (and henry springer inserts “expensive” )receipts work as currency in the people’s court…

… “Receipts” may not be capable of delivering judicial justice. But they’re certainly useful for exposing all manner of injustice,…

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