New grass sod coming to my cul de sack – HOA beautification

11 6 17 hoa volunteers laid down some top soil in my cul de sack ahead of sod which will be delivered. President of the HOA is trying to lessen the effects of heavy rain turning soil into sand, which sand flows downhill and spreads over grass common ground.

The sod will look nice and add to the appearance of our common grounds. A neighbor intends to water the new grass sod .

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One thought on “New grass sod coming to my cul de sack – HOA beautification

  1. Don’t know if it is too late to respond to this one or not. Are you serious? At this end of ML in STW, the ground has eroded so much that the sidewalks that go from our driveways to the street are collapsing, (with a six in deficit from the ground with limited soil and no grass), to the sidewalk. The common ground area between 160 and 162 ML has not been edged, bushes and trees not trimmed at base or trimmed so that they don’t grow into our shingles on our roofs. I was told by our president that if a tree was planted years ago by a homeowner on the common ground area next to our home that we, (the current owner), are responsible for the care of it…trimming the branches, trimming around the base, and watering of it . After last hurricane none of the common ground was cleared by our grounds man…all done by myself and my neighbor…both of us over 65 years and female. The 4 ft. x 4 ft. trunks and 60 foot tree remain. It looks like a dumping ground. Do you think the beautification committee needs to take a look at it? It hasn’t been raked since 2016, and before that not for at least 4 years. Palmettos not trimmed for last 5 years at least…COME TAKE A LOOK!. It is good to know that work comp covers us “volunteers”, (never wanted to be this kind of volunteer, I moved here because I was told by realtor that all grounds are cared for by HOA), while we slave to clean it up, and spend our money on large yard bags , while paying the increasing HOA dues with raises for the grounds contractor at about $40.00 per hour. It is not his fault however, as I have been assured by our president that ALL work on the grounds is orchestrated by him. I would assume that the neglect of said common ground area also pertains to this statement, as he drives by it everyday, and has observed me raking and bagging the debris and dragging it to end of my driveway by the street…around 15 to 20 bags per month and containers with broken branches also drug to the same place…never offering to get me any help. It’s almost hard to believe.


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