Hawthorne Village Apt safety issue 11 15 17

Posted on nextdoor.com – 218pm 11 15 17

Hawthorne Village Apt safety issue

Today, the pedestrian side gate at Hawthorne Village was bolted shut with 3 steel straps. As many as 15 – 20 (per grandson) students of Horizon Elementary School (K – 5) use this as the safest route to and from school. Even school Administration suggests this route to avoid busy Yorktowne Blvd. that now has construction vehicles traveling to the building site near the school. The new route is not safe, not just because of Yorktowne, but because two extra street crossings are required. Students must walk across the exit to Hawthorne, where traffic goes in both directions onto Yorktowne, then cross the entry, again with traffic from both directions. But we are not done. After walking along the sidewalk, some must do one more crosswalk inside the gate – drivers are very aggressive here trying to beat gate closing. Apparently, the barricading was prompted by littering and loitering per office memo. Really? But kids can slip through the bigger road gate and then they must toss their bikes over the gate and that’s what we saw today. Management was advised of the safety issue will not budge.


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