HOAs and “business judgement” rule. 12 8 17

Andrea Barnes It’s funny the way the attorney writes that they will argue the business judgement rule, without even knowing if the Board has relied upon such requirements that might make them subject to this rule. In essence, the HOA attorney is going to cry “business judgement” regardless if ethically they believe the HOA in fact fell behind this guard.

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 · December 4 at 9:50pm


Cynthia Stephens replied · 1 Reply
Andrea Barnes
Andrea Barnes I understand this law has positives and negatives, but I can say wholeheartedly that one way these HOAs influence public opinion, and animosity towards homeowners is to remain silent while their Chairs, the neighbors, demean and berate other homeowners. In this manner, the HOA can later claim all the residents felt the same way. It matters little that the homeowner is speaking up for oneself against the BOard’s actions, and the Board’s silence is consent to this abuse.

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 · December 4 at 9:52pm


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