Due Process in HOAs – 12 11 17

Repeal and outlaw the power of the Association to fine or otherwise penalize association members. Require the Association to resolve disputes or enforce governing documents by filing complaints with the appropriate judiciary court or mediation board. Allow a truly neutral third party to decide on the resolution. Remember, this was the process before management companies and HOA attorneys lobbied for the HOA’s right to fine and otherwise penalize members via the Association’s internal kangaroo court. In other words, bring back true due process and separation of powers.

read the complete article at https://independentamericancommunities.com/2017/04/11/what-can-be-done-about-hoa-dysfunction/


3 thoughts on “Due Process in HOAs – 12 11 17

  1. Hank, Do you think they will put an addendum in the CC&Rs that “If a hurricane occurs with damage near your home in a common ground area, the damage may remain and dead trees will not be removed depending on how many complaints we had from you in the past?” I guess it is more empowering for them if they don’t make warnings in advance. I hope you get my sarcasm…I don’t think some of the persons on “nextdoor” picked up on that. When you get a chance let me know what you think of the correspondence I gave you. I know you are busy now. Deb R.

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  2. Thank you Debra and I am glad that you have advised me of a situation which I had not understood when the President of our HOA briefly mentioned at an HOA board meeting. Yes, I am preparing for our HOA board meeting tonight, and will probably get to reading the added information you gave me today. Maybe I will get to read and digest the added information on Sat. Friday, 12 15 17 I will probably be busy posting some excerpts from tonight’s HOA meeting. cordially- hank springer


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