Did you ever lie or pick your toes in Poughkeepsie? 12 12 12

….Well, I don’t know if people deliver truth. I mean, there’s a problem people have with that word. Truth isn’t handed to people. People don’t speak the truth. People lie. Endemically. When God created Man, he created a perfect lying machine. We create lies, we’re surrounded by lies, we propagate and perpetuate lies. Lies are everywhere. What may make us different is, having created all these lies, we have this desire to penetrate to the world around us and uncover truth. How amazing. But it doesn’t happen automatically. It doesn’t happen without enormous difficulty. It could be successful, or it could be unsuccessful, but there’s something out there to uncover….

…This is another mistake: People love this staple of detective fiction—blame the countless writers, from [Edgar Allan] Poe on, who’ve written detective stories—they love that one detail that tells you it’s the goddamn orangutan in Murders in the Rue Morgue. But in my experience, it’s never one detail; it’s a whole myriad. Or, to bring us back to Wormwood, it’s a collage of material. It’s a whole lot of bits and pieces of evidence, which coalesce into something close to a picture of what really happened. We live in a sea of falsehood, and the amazing thing about us as a species, if we’re worth anything at all (and we might not be worth anything at all, and we may end up destroying ourselves), is that we have this idea of truth, and we pursue it. Sometimes, we actually even find it….

….Well, when people order records destroyed, they often overlook something. Something’s hidden in a closet, or in a file….

…. Lying is not something that was created in the 1940s, to be sure, but why did it become such an essential part of government to actually lie to its citizens? To create a world of disinformation? Why was it essential, for example, to hide all of the documents connected with the Kennedy assassination? (And after so many years, some are still being hidden, many of them.)….

read more at https://psmag.com/social-justice/errol-morris-talks-cia-lsd


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