HOA on site managers – 12 19 17

I, Hank Springer, am in  favor of our HOA to hire a professional management team. It had been written  in our community  Town Crier publication that a professional management company may not allow our HOA board to do what it wants to do.   That is an interesting observation which I would like to know more about.  I provide an excerpt for your consideration from https://www.grandmanors.com/blog/hoa-management-tips-for-hiring-an-onsite-manager-general-manager

Not all onsite managers will have the same styles. Evaluate the last on-site manager, their duties, and consider changes and updates to the job description. Make sure the roles of the manager and the board are defined. Typical responsibilities of an on-site community manager are:

  • Employee management
  • Maintenance checks
  • Owner issues
  • Rules enforcement
  • Overseeing collections

The HOA board, on the other hand, makes decisions about policy. The on-site manager manages the community and helps the board. However, the board is the decision maker and policy setter….


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