if a service line broke on private property – Insurance?

….Mount Dora struck the deal in May, citing an endorsement of the program by the National League of Cities and a belief that some residents might want to buy into a program that provided insurance against the high cost of repairs if a service line broke on private property. Mailings to utility customers — which were not previewed or approved by city officials as spelled out in the contract — went out in November advertising warranty plans that provided insurance protection for repair costs in water and sewer lines on private property….

read more at http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/orange/os-mount-dora-service-line-warranties-20180102-story.html?utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+New+Content+(Feed)utm_content=5a4d6dd55c543a0007fcb976utm_medium=trueAnthemutm_source=twitter


2 thoughts on “if a service line broke on private property – Insurance?

    1. You may be correct Debra. Among all my junk mail, I might have missed the notice, but it is important. I remember some elderly lady in Port Orange getting a $3,000 water bill from the city, because she did not know that the pipe on her property was leaking. It is possible to go on line and keep a check on our daily water usage. — hank


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