No News and Fake News in a HOA 1 11 18

The following was sent to our HOA board by John Springer, 1 11 18

TO: The HOA Board

Good morning and Happy New Year. I picked up a rain-soaked agenda in the Red Top Box today. Thank you for circulating.

NO NEWS – other than the date and time and location of the meeting, the agenda continues to be inadequate. In fact, it’s an insult to transparency. It doesn’t tell Association members anything about issues likely to be discussed. This is not a true agenda. Please check out other HOA agendas, municipal agendas. It is very important that community members know what issues are likely to come up. The December agenda, for example, failed to inform Association members that you all were considering a special assessment. Faux pax. Tsk tsk. And a violation of law and/or the governing documents. Any time a special assessment is to be discussed and/or voted on, advance Association is required.

FAKE NEWS – stop telling Association members that it is illegal to tape record Association meetings. Under Florida law, oral communications cannot be recorded without consent if the communication is made with the expectation that it would remain private and not be recorded or heard publicly. In other words, if you are having a conversation on a crowded bus or at a meeting of two or more persons in a public place, it can be recorded without your knowledge and consent because it is obviously not a private conversation. On the other hand, if you are having a conversation with another person in your home or office, without other people around, it would likely be considered private and could not be recorded without your consent. This has been pointed out to the board before, yet you persist with this bullying tactic. Why? (Having said that, I would never record anything secretly. I bring this only because your agendas don’t tell me what’s going to up yet they warn me to not to record under penalty of law). If you are going to claim something is illegal, you really should know law.


John Springer


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