If the HOA board approves your request– get it in writing – 1 13 18


…..Nevertheless, the homeowners received official written notice from the HOA that their brand new windows would have to go.

Having just spent $18,000 on their porch improvement, the owners appealed, but it didn’t do any good. Unfortunately, the association had never provided Zaorski and Richter with an official letter of approval for their project, despite the board’s vote of approval in March 2015.

The reality is, many small associations, especially if not professionally managed, tend to operate informally, relying on verbal agreements and loosely organized meetings.
An important lesson for the reader – be sure to obtain all architectural or landscape approvals in writing, including a copy of the detailed plans approved by the association.

read the complete article at https://independentamericancommunities.com/2018/01/07/mi-condo-owners-ask-is-breaking-and-entering-just-a-civil-matter/


4 thoughts on “If the HOA board approves your request– get it in writing – 1 13 18

  1. 3 years ago I asked our grounds chairperson if I could obtain permission to remove a tree that is diseased and hanging over my Florida room, that is on STIII property behind my house. He asked their grounds chairperson, and apparently he said yes. I asked our grounds chairperson if I could have that in writing, and he said I didn’t need permission in writing. I never had it removed, because I knew he didn’t know proper procedure. 6 months ago he told me that he “went out of his way to get permission for me to have the tree removed and I didn’t do it.” I told him that it hadn’t been put in writing…he said I didn’t need it in writing! It would be beneficial if the chair persons were aware of the rules that they are required to enforce, instead of making them up as they go along. This conversation took place the same day he was making fun of me, and accused me of not being disabled, and called me stupid. Nice was to treat a disabled senior citizen. If professional management companies ran HOAs here in Fl., I don’t think we would have these issues.


  2. I agree Debra. We are required to submit a request, certified U.S. post office, to get permission (not required by Fl.statutes) to audio or video tape our HOA board of directors’ meeting. I did that then got verbal permission to audio tape, but it was not in writing. This is not right. Also, a former board member, told me that our HOA board only wants to be advised that we are going to be recording and in the process we are not really asking for permission. Really? In official text and documents to home owners in our association, it tells us that we must request permission to record a meeting and that doing so without permission of the board is illegal. I understand Debra. Our board when questioned about its practices are ready to imply that we are stupid or just trouble makers. About two months ago I found it necessary at our HOA meeting to tell the board that people are being demonized in this HOA and the board is doing nothing about it. An association member proved my point by yelling at me to sit down and shut up and she stuck her tongue out at me. If you attend our HOA meetings you might really wonder if you are stuck in purgatory. —hank


  3. Also, Debra and our readers, can you believe that in our HOA newsletter to association members it was written that if we get a professional management service, they might not let us do what we want. Just think of the implications of such a thought process by our HOA board. And the board is always apt to remind us that they are only “volunteers” doing the best they can.


  4. Does this HOA think that it let’s us do what we want? I just spent more than a year asking when and if the common ground next to me was going to be maintained as the others are in this HOA, via many letters . The response was to marginalize and ridicule me, and accuse me of wanting it to “look manicured”. I finally find out that all of the 60 foot fallen trees and 4 foot stumps will remain. It will stay as a dumping ground, not trimmed, or raked either. Power hungry HOA managers probably feel empowered when they treat us this way. How sad for them. Somehow I don’t think a management company would single out a common ground area to be neglected..

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