947am until 105pm jan 18 2018 – police radio log

from voice activated tape recorder – LE 5 – tac 5 – air one –

947am until 105pm jan 18 2018

no time on tape recorder – earliest entry on top – latest entry on bottom

all entries heard on police radio scanner

start tape 947am 1 8 18

need police unit for traffic control – dunlawton and ridgewood – (fpl working on lights?)

4a16 has a male running northbound – emergency radio traffic in effect. – driver of vehicle with police officer but passenger got out of vehicle and started running – north of the dream inn – daytona beach shores – request for beach patrol available to assist – 3217 s atlantic is bail out location – beach patrol is en route – male is probably on the beach – he jumped over the sea wall at the dream inn – tide is high so that will keep him up near property – more units arriving in area – unit sees suspect coming right to him – he does not know police unit is there – in the empty lot he is looking for a place out – he right now is locked in the pool place – now he is headed for beach area and police unit lost sight of him in between the walls – he must have jumped the fence unless he is in the locked pool room – he have had to go back south then – bolo  now on tac 5, emergency radio traffic cleared on primary LE 5 – 1036am – will be checking room or rooms in fantasy island – suspect was last seen going over the fence at 3175 – suspect is now detained fantasy island one – good job everybody –  1 18 18 one detained – driver in custody for traffic (violations?) – found jacket and in maintenence room roof top hatch open and was not open earlier – police unit wants to check the roof – time check 1054am –

3717 nova – open warrant report – port orange –

sunshine points apts. found property – port orange –

1058 am time check

17xx robin hood trail  – theft –

narcotics complaint – south daytona

56xx durant dr – mentally ill subject

warrant attempt – eastern – from orange county – south daytona

bank robbery bolo – white vehicle – robbery of bank in sanford – suspect armed with a rifle –

one male in custody – 12a45 – baker act

time check – 103pm

tape ended 105pm





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