port orange police radio log – 1 18 18 – 450am to 824am

from voice activated tape recorder – LE 5 – tac 5 – air one –

450am 1 18 18 until 1 18 18 824am

no time on tape recorder – earliest entry on top – latest entry on bottom

all entries heard on police radio scanner

start tape 450am 1 8 18

well being check – on bench in front of city library port orange

508am time check

creekwater – rp says he lost his car – port orange – unit advises that previously there was a disabled motorist on wayde? court water’s edge – whit ct? -vehicle located 64xx wade ct – port orange

618am emergency radio traffic on LE 7 is cleared

6xx overlook trail – rescue responding for an unconscious female – port orange

652am time check

732am time check

751am time check

12b65 – male under arrest – narcotics – port orange

ridgewood and dunlawton  – fpl working wants port orange police unit to direct traffic – taking down the “feeders” on traffic light

tape ends at 824am 1 18 17








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