When living in a HOA, keep a low profile, as a matter of self-preservation

….HOA boards and managers do not want active owner participation in the affairs of the corporate association – they view questions and suggestions from membership as second-guessing and a nuisance….

…..I listen to homeowners from all regions of the U.S., and, although the finer details of their stories differ, it’s really the same story over and over. Their board is out of control – often backed up or egged on by the manager or HOA attorney…

…. keep a low profile, as a matter of self-preservation….

….In my opinion, the root cause of HOA problems is a governance model that is structurally flawed, because it was never designed to benefit the people who live in HOAs….

…. Americans continue to bear steep increases in their HOA assessments…..

…..When Association members face stress and uncertainty, arguments over the money are inevitable. That creates social discord, which only complicates matters even more…..

read the complete article at https://independentamericancommunities.com/2018/01/17/what-is-the-root-cause-of-hoa-dysfunction-3/


One thought on “When living in a HOA, keep a low profile, as a matter of self-preservation

  1. Hank, Thank You. When I moved here I thought this HOA was managed by a management company, like a real HOA that I had become familiar with in the past. I initially made many suggestions, and in writing had submitted a request wanting to start a “senior safety committee”, with outside experts in finance, health (teach CPR), etc to speak after HOA meetings. Never received a response. I also suggested that we send FAXs to realty offices letting them know not to tell prospective clients that the HOA here takes care of all grounds from our front doors out to street, as I was told. That info I was given was most important to me as I had just become paralyzed from hips to toes and knew I would be unable to do the grounds care. Now that I am mostly recovered, I do it all as the HOA have never routinely raked or cleaned up the common ground area next to me. My mistake is thinking HOA managers and realtors are telling the truth..

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