Police Radio Log – 930pm/1 18 18 to 315am/1 19 18

from voice activated tape recorder – LE 5 – tac 5 – air one –

930pm/1 18 18 until 315am/1 19 18

no time on tape recorder – earliest entry on top – latest entry on bottom

all entries heard on police radio scanner

start tape 930pm/1 18 18

gentleman in wheel chair smoking a cigarette appears not to be in distress reports #portorange police unit . on top of dunlawton bridge

938pm time check 1 18 18

bolo – vehicle with stolen tag seen s/b on ridgewood ave from north st #daytonabeach police radio scanner – light color passenger car – 1059pm 1 18 18

1023pm 1 18 18 – 3 adult males being transported from south daytona police station to the branch jail

adult male under arrest for narcotics ( i am not sure if this south daytona, daytonabeach shores or beach patrol) (could be ponce inlet who released someone later on NTA – 11 sector)

missing person 19xx saw point? lane port orange

port orange unit boloing around publix until we get further info

d11 – one person in custody for  narcotics – south daytona –

1047pm 1 18 18 time check

isabellel and ridgewood – intox female hitch hiker trying to flag down vehicles- port orange

adult female under arrest – narcotics – south daytona 1059pm 1 18 18

52xx plantation way – recovery of a missing person – port orange –

36xx fleming ave – assist – (with sheriff?} port orange

1152 pm 1 18 18 time check

port orange city out checking water pump and found that it had been hit by a vehicle – no location  given in radio transmission (computers in police cars)

second st and aurorah south daytona unit watching a suspicious vehicle

(a lot of people talking in background of central’s radio transmission. sometimes hard for me to understand what radio dispatcher is saying with that background noise. they are trained to talk very fast)

willow run and hidden lake – traffic stop – may be related to the crash (water pump hit and run?) port orange

n/b oakley – jetta – south daytona – coming to carmen – reckless driving – emergency radio traffic for 15b41 – lost vehicle by dunkin donuts – now spotted going back on carmen towards reed canal – went into riverwood blacked out – unit does not see vehicle now – dark blue jetta – black or dark purple or blue – out of state tag – not found in riverwood must have gone back out to reed canal – emergency radio transmision only status cleared – 230am 1 19 19 – checking to see if there are any car breaks in area of original spotting of suspect vehicle –

305am time check 1 19 18

tape ends 315am 1 19 18








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