1 20 18 – 831pm into the evening-police radio log


from voice activated tape recorder – LE 5 – tac 5 – air one –

831PM friday night, 1 20 18  into morning of saturday 1 21 18

no time on tape recorder – earliest entry on top – latest entry on bottom

all entries heard on police radio scanner

start tape at 831pm  1 20 18 friday  –

c75 – one female arrested – narcotics – port orange 845pm 1 20 18

3xx big tree – noise complaint about car wash- south daytona

to 12c15 – reckless driver – n/b ridgewood nearing commonwealth – small pickup – tag given – port orange – follow up transmission – no headlights – passing speedway gas station- follow up transmission now near dunlawton – dunlawton and herbert 12c15 has eyes on vehicle and will try to stop it – vehicle stopped at ridgewood and herbert – 12c90 is en route to 15 – 12c15 advises  he is  code 4 but would like canine to respond -port orange

to 12c65 -medical – unconscious – 6xxx calistoga – 77 yr old male – rescue responding -port  orange – follow up “he is breathing and conscious” –

to 12c45 – suspicious person – 4801 clydle morris – smoking a cigarette and leaning over vehicles – port orange  –

to 12c35 port orange – noise complaint – 11xx southport ct – live  music –

to 15d31 south daytona – noise complaint – loud music – complaining that this is an on going issue –

unit going to seneca circle for a noise complaint – port orange – 6x seneca

to 12c55 – juvenile complaint – 36xx nova port orange – 6 to 7 juveniles hanging out in the parking lot –

to air 1 – strong armed robbery at ceaser’s pizza edgewater – black male in his 20s – 6 ft – red beanie -blue sweater – blue jeans – left on foot – n/b –

4xx laurie ave – port orange unit on a civil complaint –

time check 951pm 1 20 19 edgewater units clear of only emergency radio traffic- now working incident on tac channel –

t0 12c45 – disturbance on laurie – port orange – not related to escort – people in 4xx are yelling and fighting –

daytona beach shores unit at a suspicious incident at construction site on atlantic ave – 4831 s atlantic –

316  church st port orange – baptist church – garbage cans in 5xx lafayette belong to the church –

misty hotel – daytona beach shores – male coughing up blood – rescue responding – 4a13 responding –

2301 s atlantic – one person walking away from police officer – daytona beach shores –

to 12c45 – noise complaint –

1xx aloha terrace – rescue going on medical call – port orange – 81 yr old female –

time check 1034pm 1 20 18

4d16 – one adult male arrested – daytona beach shores 1035pm 1 20 18

to 12c35 port orange  – reckless driver – from big tree on clyde – call in by a med unit – black f150 at a high rate of speed – s/b from big tree –

to 15d21 – noise complaint – block of latern – south daytona –

main st approach to beach – 2 beach patrol units responding for a report of a mentally ill person – daytona beach

SORRY THIS IS ALL I CAN REVIEW TODAY. I WILL BE RECORDING 1 21 18 SUNDAY NIGHT POLICE CALLS AND HOPEFULLY REVIEW AND REPORT THE CALLS TOMORROW  – enjoy your sunday night. now I have the turkey dinner my daughter made for me, play chess on line and a war ship game on line.  those kids are good playing against me with their war ships online.  then Netflix –  while I leave my monitoring post I keep an ear on air one radio channel in case something significant breaks in volusia county. — let’s get together tomorrow on my facebook page, twitter account or this web site. It’ early, 515pm 1 21 19 but let say good night unless something big breaks in volusia county while i am still wake – hank




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