#portorange police radio log, evening of 1 21 18 Sunday


from voice activated tape recorder – LE 5 – tac 5 – air one –

659PM sunday night,  1 21 18  into the evening.

no time on tape recorder – earliest entry on top – later entries on bottom

all entries heard on police radio scanner

start tape at 659pm  1 22 18 sunday  –

TO 12c25 12c65 – domestic – windsor dr – she says she was punched in the jaw – refusing rescue at this time  – 3xx windsor dr – rp says there are all kind of weapons in the home – says he is not being threatened with them at this time time – #portorange – a second party advises that there are no weapons – address changed to 3cc king james ct –

52xx pineland ave – disturbance  – neighbors in a verbal argument –

egret drive – 911 disconnect – call taker thought she heard a verbal argument in the background –

44xx tumbleweed – assault and battery – victim is a  5 month pregnant female – rescue is responding – port orange – she claims she was pushed into a wall – he claims she fell-

c65 – adult female in custody for battery – 722pm 1 21 18

724 time check 1 21 18

737 pm – one adult female being transported to port orange police dept.

that’s all I can do for today.  tomorrow is another day. tomorrow, tuesday, 1 23 18 rain is predicted to arrive in Orlando area,  but I don’t know about our port orange area. maybe the following musical video  will tell us if we have sun tomorrow:



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