police radio log – monday night – 1 22 18 – #portorange

from voice activated tape recorder – LE 5 – tac 5 – air one –

639PM monday night,  1 22 18  into the evening.

no time indicator on tape recorder – earliest entry on top – later entries on bottom

all entries heard on police radio scanner

START TAPE at 639pm  1 22 18 monday  –

4011 nova – male and female outside in a fight port orange – police unit on scene next to winn dixie – officer struggling with the female – female claims back of her head is hurting – rescue requested –

52xx halifax – police unit out with a motorcycle accident – (driver may be intoxicated) port orange –

wall mart 30xx clyde morris – 2 subjects on roof – suspicious – 1 22 18

1xx kon tiki terrace – well being check on her daughter – daughter has been arguing with husband all day and now mother can’t get in contact with her- later, in contact with daughter everything is ok but husband is preventing her from leaving –

711pm – adult female in custody for baker act – port orange – 1 22 18 -going to halifax hospital – patient is combative –

12d90 going to a noise complaint – port orange –

57xx ridgewood ave – noise complaint about construction company-

time check 733pm 1 22 18

reckless driver port  orange – red passenger car  n/b on ridgewood – failing to stay in lane – passing nova rd on ridgewood ave  –

disturbance –  ponce  inlet – s peninsula and oceanview – male and female  in a physical fight – noise coming from a house on the north east corner – unit on scene hears no noise – rp did not see physical fight but heard it –

time check 753pm 1 22 18

to 12d92 – disturbance – 52xx pineland ave – male vs female – female threatening to beat up the male and damage his car -added 2 females involved in this disturbance  – added: other female in back yard –

to 15b21 south daytona – supicious incident – 29xx fox cross? lane – rp heard her car alarm going off but didn’t see anybody –

port orange units going to vfw hall s williamson – business alarm – back door – possible burglary – report of person in building by the bar – white male – t shirt – something written on back of the t shirt – canine one on scene – white ford out in the back – tag comes back to a Victor ….. , port orange address – police making contact with one – 824 pm emergency only radio traffic cleared 1 22 18

to 12 a91 – trespasser – 3011 clyde morris – port orange -(something about leaving a shopping cart there, but I am not sure if the info relates to this call- hank)- on foot towards cumberland farms – (guess this is at wal mart neighbor store) suspect w male – blue jeans -unit advises suspect is not at cumberland farms -black and yellow t shirt – suspect is showing up as a  known trespasser in wal mart 1950 dunlawton ave, port orange –

12a65 going back on the civil call –

south bound on devin, port orange, report of several motor vehicles driving at a high speed –

social way port orange -hit and run to a mail box 1 22 18

ormond beach – missing alzheimer’s patient – air one responding

914pm 1 22 18 time check






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