some fool bought 26STR at auction – dated 1 26 18


Just fyi, some fool bought 26STR at auction today for $69,000. I guess they aren’t aware of the pending appeal likely to drag out for years. Mr. Leone apparently thinks he has a great case.  Unfortunately for the buyer, they are going to b dragged into it one way or another. The HOA comes away with nothing. They merely get the assessments Leone offered to pay two years ago! Now they’ll gamble more money fighting the appeal! We have real beauts on the board.



dated 1 26 18


4 thoughts on “some fool bought 26STR at auction – dated 1 26 18

  1. The purchase of that home for that price decreases our home values as it is figured into the comps for STW home sales. in addition to the fiscal fiascos this board enters into. BTW did you see a capture of savings in the budget for 2018 on the grounds budget for current and future neglect of common ground area between 160 and 162 Magnolia Loop?


  2. I did not see such text in a document. Where did you see it.
    The current hoa president did recently tell me that the board will be doing something about the debris betweebn 160 and 162 magnolia loop. I asked him if he had informed Debra and he said no.Perhaps he showed you or gave you a document of the 2018 budget that was adopted by the HOA board. The president term of being a VOLUNTEER on the board of directors ends in Feb. I hope the new board follows through on this plan.
    Bill told me he will ask for cooperation from Summer Trees East to take away the fallen tree which fell into our common grounds from their common grounds. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


  3. Hello Hank, No, I didn’t see a document showing that. I was wondering if there was one showing savings, esp. since my neighbor and myself spent days clearing the said common ground area of the debris from Irma…never touched by HOA grounds person…must have saved them $$. I wonder why after at least 2 years of letters I have written to the board about the mess in this common ground, he is now considering having it addressed? The response from my letters was to tell me it DID look like the other CG areas, or that I wanted it landscaped, or manicured. Or that my behavior was “insane” to keep asking about it. Maybe when he is no longer president the vendetta will be over, and a reasonable person without a personal vendetta against me will be in office.


  4. Debra, in this hoa vendettas like problems get passed on from board to board for years without much thought or reasoning by the incoming board. If the last board did it you can bet your bottom dollar the next board will do it, using the pitiful excuse “this is how we did it last year and how e did it in the past”


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