Compassion, empathy, sorrow, sympathy and accountability.

Civilized society mourns the death of the victims in this recent, and not to be the last shooting in one of our schools.

Compassion, sorrow, sympathy, and empathy is appropriate at this time for the dead , their families and friends.  In fact such sentiments are rightfully claimed by all of us decent individuals.

But at the same time, and in the days to come, some accounting needs to be instituted.

What is this craziness by people who rather live in la la land, who oppose better security at our schools?

Psychiatrists, speak up to society as a whole, or abandon your professional, expensive, so call professional careers.

All those who work in the social field, with PHDs, Masters, and college degrees, come forth to give the nation some credible potential solutions to the problem. All those with BSS degres in Social Sciences speak up and especially tell us how we can put some accountability into those professionals who have an attitude that whatever might be going on in these tragedies does not have anything to do to them.

Politicians:  keep your mouths shut and get out of the way.  Including Rick Scott.

Legislatures, get real and stop sucking off the tits of your donors.

Gun hating people, take my gun away, but as the same time put your life in harm way to go out into the dark alley ways and take the guns away from the really evil people. That is the least you can do if you will not allow me to have a gun to defend myself and my family.

Religious people and your holy priests, reverends, pastors, bishops, nuns, saints, and holy ashes, pray more in  church or in your closets, and stop trying to tell us that the solution is to return to church and donate our money to the clergy.  Go ye into a monastery and take the vow of silence.

If this problem was a threat to corporate America and big business, you can bet your rosary beads that more work would be done on this problem to lessen the threat.

Teachers;  you probably more than any one section in our society know what is needed to lessen the threat.  Get your unions which fight so fiercely to supply you with rubber bands, paper clips and more take home money, to start a campaign to make the school safer for students and teachers.

If we can not get a handle on this problem, considering all the educated, professional experts we have on talk shows, then let’s just admit that all is lost, and close down a lot of schools which are producing students ready to work in the work place in China and elsewhere.

I am giving you my best effort at this time, considering my age, capabilities and interest.  I can be a volunteer at home.  Tell the military that from my home with the use of my computer I am willing to work, no pay, no hospitalization coverage, and no pension to advise whomever should be advised of those people who are discharged without honor. I think I could render exceptional help in determining who in the professional fields should be held more accountable for not adequately working towards solutions to these problems.  All I ask is that you give me information to work on, and stop hiding from me and us the details of all the highly paid professionals in social work who are not delivering what we rightly expect from them.

Or, just tell us, that there is no solution to this social problem, and we will adjust accordingly. A word to the wise should be sufficient : beware of a citizenship correction to apathy and laziness of those who have the talent and capabilities to step forward from their comfortable lives and do not take a role in instituting real safety and protection for our young.  Suffer the children to come to us, and suffer to the highly paid experts who are sitting on their hands instead of leading us to viable solutions. Damn you who keep your expert advice and find it more profitable to not get involved.

— sincerely and honestly, Hank Springer,

posted 647 am 2 16 18 Friday. Two days after all the repenting and ceremonies of Ash Wednesday and after another senseless killing in a school for our children.



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