HOA – what is a director at large? 3 1 18 thursday

I understand that my HOA board in Feb. 2018 appointed someone as “director at large”.  I also understand that this person will not be handling hoa finances or signing checks. If my information is incorrect, I invite anyone to submit to me correction or additional comments.  poimages@outlook.com

For your edification see the following:

Jed L. Frankel, a partner at Eisinger, Brown, Lewis, Frankel & Chaiet PA in Hollywood, Fla., who advises community associations, also says few people actually call these directors “at large” board members, but in the rare cases when the term is used, it simply means a director is a board member, but not an officer. “It’s not uncommon for a board to have such non–officer directors,” he says. “These persons have the full duties and responsibilities as officer board members—for example, they may be authorized to sign checks—but without a designated office. They also attend and participate in board meetings and vote on all the issues decided by the board.”

Demoted Directors Become “at Large”

Abbate also notes that many documents provide that a majority of directors may vote to remove an officer from his position, leaving that person an “at large” member of the board. “Doing so only strips that person of officer status and doesn’t remove him from the board,” he explains. “So a president can be voted out of office—usually for any or no reason—but that vote won’t remove him from the board. Because the entire membership voted him onto the board, it only makes sense that only the entire membership can vote to remove him from the board entirely.”

To do that, adds Abbate, it’s usually necessary to petition for a special meeting by a certain percentage of members and then vote at that meeting to remove the board member….

read more at https://www.hoaleader.com/public/587.cfm

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