French Fries and Barbecue Sauce violence – deland 3 1 18

Date: 3/1/2018 Time: 1315   Invest Asgn:   
Header: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SIMP   Location:  DeLand 

Dispatch advised an anonymous caller stated there was a male passenger punching and hitting a female driver in a white Chevrolet northbound from a location on S. Woodland Avenue. Shortly thereafter, contact was made with the male and female at the Tangerine Inn. V1 and D1 went to get fast food; on the way back got into an argument. D1 threw french fries at V1 while she was driving. She put her hand up to block it, which caused D1 to spill barbecue sauce on himself which enraged him. D1 struck V1 several times about the face and body, V1 started swinging in self-defense. V1 received redness to the side of her face and D1 received a bloody nose as one of her swings made contact. It was determined based on statements on scene and the RP’s calling it in, D1 was the primary aggressor, was arrested and transported to VCBJ. V1 was given a rights and remedies pamphlet.


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