repo-man has a dangerous job – deltona 3 1 17 – arrest

Date: 3/1/2018 Time: 1850   Invest Asgn:
Header: ASSAULT AGG   Location: 2073 Jessamine Ct., Deltona

V1- Hessler, Eric A. W/M, 12-01-88, 3168 Verbena Ct. Deltona
D1- Moriarty, Steven W. W/M, 02-27-75, 2073 Jessamine Ct. Deltona

V1 is a repo-man and was in the commission of his duties next door to D1’s residence. V1 was put in fear of his life when D1 pointed a gun at him and gave him an ultimatum that he had 10 seconds to leave. V1 quickly left the area and called law enforcement. D1 was arrested for aggravated assault and was transported to the VCBJ after being restrained with a belly belt and chest harness.


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