HOAs – will they b subject to the constraints of Constiutional protections?


…..Will they push for legislative reform that would permit property owners to withhold assessments if or when the association fails to fulfill their duties under the contract? Would there be a return to regulation under the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)?

Would residential association-governed communities re-enter the “American Zone” described by Shu Bartholomew (On the Commons)? Could U.S. residents experience the return of individual property rights?

Would all residential communities — no longer heavily influenced by the special interests of commercial enterprise — be subject to the full constraints of U.S. and state Constitutional protections? How many restrictive covenants (deed restrictions) and association bylaws would survive Constitutional challenge?

What happens in Bear Lake Shores Association is certain to have ripple effects that could seriously disrupt the HOA industry….

READ MORE AT https://independentamericancommunities.com/2018/03/04/wisconsin-lawsuit-involving-for-profit-rental-of-property-could-disrupt-hoa-market/


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