HOA: consent of all homeowners required – 3 12 18

Should neighborhood covenants and HOAs last forever?

Across the U.S., a disturbing trend is taking place. The HOA industry is quietly making it possible to preserve CC&Rs — or revive them after expiration — without consent of all homeowners.


Correction (March 12, 2018): a previous version of this post noted that a majority of affected parcel owners attending a meeting could vote to revitalize CC&Rs. A closer reading of the amendment and Florida Statue 720.306 indicates that a majority of total voting interests — or all affected parcel owners — would still be necessary to revitalize expired covenants. 

A small number of well-funded real estate developers and attorneys are amending state laws, all in an effort to ensure that association-governed communities can never be eliminated….

read more at https://independentamericancommunities.com/2018/03/08/should-neighborhood-covenants-and-hoas-last-forever


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