who gets sued? HOA board or HOA members?

This e mail contains an excerpt from Fox News and the link to the complete article. The link to the entire Fox News article is http://www.fox5vegas.com/story/37664772/homeowners-consider-suing-hoa-after-it-loses-20-million-swing-set-collapse-lawsuit#.WqilGvpznfY.twitter
Excerpt follows:
…This place looked like a Jr High lunch room, not a community of adults.” 
Some homeowners said the HOA lied to them, refusing to tell them about pending litigation for the past five years. They said they are now afraid of the possibility that they will lose their homes.
Jeremy Long, a homeowner who was not in attendance at the canceled meeting, said he found out about the situation online. He purchased his home last September.
“We didn’t know anything was going on until we saw a FOX5 tweet about the whole situation, which is quite honestly a very disappointing way to find out news that’s going on in your own neighborhood,” Long said. “We just moved in. Are we going to lose our house? We have no idea.”
Long said he feels bad for the teenager injured in the swing set collapse and agrees that the HOA should be required to honor the jury’s verdict. 
“I think the way they handled it from beginning to end has been bush league,” he said. “I don’t believe that they outright lied to homeowners, but I’m 100 percent certain that they withheld information… If they lied or withheld information in the past, I have to believe that they’re going to do it again.”
Multiple attorneys have discussed the possibility of representing homeowners to sue the HOA in an effort to make sure the $20 million doesn’t come out of residents’ pocket books.
Michael McKelleb, an attorney who was recently hired to represent Lamplight Village, said the HOA will be appealing the jury’s decision to the Nevada Supreme Court. He would not answer questions about why Lamplight Village turned down settlement offers or why homeowners were left out of the loop.
“At the very least, ethically, someone should have said something,” Long said. “Unless we go and start digging, and asking questions — asking tough questions of the people who were involved back then — we’re not going to get anywhere because they’re not offering up any information on their own….

2 thoughts on “who gets sued? HOA board or HOA members?

  1. hhhmmmmm sounds familiar, a board not telling the homeowners in an hoa the truth, this guy needs to go back hire an attorney and sue the hell out of the people who sold to him, under Florida law that is possible, It is like a construction defect.

    If an owner knows something ie like termites or pending litigation, and fails to notify the prospective buyer, the previous owner can be sued in court for the damages the new owner has.

    lol and we have had over 20 new owners since last summer, it is not like the pending litigation has been hidden from view, everyone knows it , it has been posted on bulletin boards for the last four years!!! lol

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