Kansas City HOA board member becomes paid property manager?

HOA KANSAS CITY:  ….“This man had been on the board in 2008 and then all of a sudden in 2009 he becomes the property manager, and he’s also a homeowner,” Wircenske said. “It smelled really bad. I wanted to know, ‘How did we arrive at this? How did we pick him?’ And basically, the response has been, ‘Go away and mind your own business.’ ”

Wircenske pressed on and last year sued his HOA, alleging that board members refused to show him the meeting minutes, financial statements and other documents that Kansas law requires homeowners associations to provide members upon request….

read more at http://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article205310324.html#storylink=cpy

3 thoughts on “Kansas City HOA board member becomes paid property manager?

  1. Many conflicts of interest. Our new president of HOA is the old president-depressing…looks like the chairs aren’t even musical anymore. BTW, grounds person did mulch and mow the cg area next to me 2 and 1/2 months ago. I don’t know if it was a “one time only occurance” or not. Areas of grass are now over a foot long, fallen trees and stumps remain. In a recent letter president of HOA said this cg area would be maintained, but at a “cost”…are the other cg areas maintained for free?

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  2. Deb, if you are a friend of the board you get what you want, if you are a nobody then you get nothing, if you are a pain in the butt to the board, they spend your money trying to shut people up like Hank and Ray Jr

    This will all be addressed in a courtroom on Monday, We, The Shaffers are in a win-win situation. If the court throws out the hoa suit against us, we get to sue for defamation of title for their illegal lein, if the court sends this to full trial, then we win in the fact that the TRUTH OF SUMMER TREES Hoa will be brought out in a full blown trial.

    Do you really think that the muts that have run STWHOA for the last 13 years wants that.

    They lose no matter what and unfortunately it will cost the owners financially, and that is wrong, but that is the path we are all on. THEY chose the road not the Shaffers. The TRUTH will surface once an for all


  3. things like selective enforcement, misuse of association funds, self dealing, bribery and confidentiality agreements, slapp suits are all going to be brought out into the open.

    the owners have NO IDEA how bad things have gotten because of a few bad apples using their positions of power to stick it to the rest of us.


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