Lost and Found – Volusia County Beaches 4 7 18 sat.

I do not think a person who loses his/her wallet on the beach on a saturday  should have to wait until monday to find out if the wallet was found and turned into a #volusiacounty beach patrol unit or hdq.  If such wallet is not found quickly, there may be credit cards business to take care of. In a lost wallet there might be a driver’s license, social security number and other personal information which the owner might have to worry about being criminally used.  Remember, the issue is merely “Did you find the wallet?”.  For the purposes of this essay of mine, I will not even approach the issue of confirming to the owner what important documents are still within the found wallet. As I understand the radio transmission the person was only asking if his wallet was found and the radio dispatcher was told by a beach unit that the person would have to wait until Monday to have his question answered.

— sincerely and honestly — hank springer –  443pm 4 7 18 saturday


One thought on “Lost and Found – Volusia County Beaches 4 7 18 sat.

  1. I agree that’s an unacceptable response for a public agency in a community so dependent upon tourism and commerce from visitors, let alone the fact the Beach Patrol exists to provide service to the public, who funds them.

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