be exceptional & different – become a Jehovah Witness

….you broke a rule and the elders believed that you could no longer be apart of the religion, you would become “unbaptized” where you were not allowed back. None of the friends that you made could contact or see you, and here is where it gets cult-y, your family who were still apart of the religion, could no longer talk or see you either. IF THATS NOT CRAZY, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. Those ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses would be excommunicated from their loved ones. “We tear families apart if you believe anything other than what we teach!” — What I think their motto should be….

….higher education was looked down upon in the religion, going through the process of college applications felt pointless. My mom and everyone in the congregation encouraged me not to go, but I wanted to, so badly. Going to college for JWs was frowned upon not only because it was full of worldy people, but also because of their belief that there was no point in getting a higher education when the world was going to end soon anyways!…

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