some radio log entries 4 19 18 afternoon – herbert st

from the Volusia county police radio scanner – LE 5 – my tape recorder . afternoon of 4 19 18 thursday

220 pm 1xx magnolia loop – animal complaint – port orange


329pm 1xx herbert – sick racoon – port orange

331pm  – 56x beville – report of a battery that happened last night – south daytona

355pm 918 reed canal rd – port orange police out with investigation – southdaytona

405pm – herbert and nova – male exposing himself – port orange –
410pm – old hammock and herbert – port orange unit out with a subject

6xx herbert – animal complaint – 4??pm – port orange

1xx kon tiki – domestic disturbance – mother and boyfriend – several prior incidents at this address -442pm- port orange

tape ends at 455pm 4 19 18 thursday



3 thoughts on “some radio log entries 4 19 18 afternoon – herbert st

  1. I made the Magnolia Loop complaint, as there are numerous issues. Yesterday morning I watched out my front window as the neighbors 2 dogs left excrement in my driveway as they always do 2 to 3 times a day. I try to clean it up if I see where they have gone…the stool is small and wedges in between the rocks that make up my driveway. Shortly after I saw them, I went out to get the paper in my driveway (the observer), and discovered after picking it up that it had semi liquid dog poop on the plastic wrapper and now all over my hand. These neighbors also apparently haven’t heard of the concept of leashes either, although in their 70s and have had the dogs for 13 years. For 2 years I have watched their dogs poop in my driveway, neighbors driveways and in front of our set of mailboxes, (where I rake the leaves that our HOA does not rake and maintain). Today was the last straw, and I called animal control. These neighbors apparently don’t think rules apply to them.. Trash cans left in street or on the end of their driveway 5 out of 7 days a week. Their most recent pleasure seems to be putting their throw away newspapers, and delivered phonebooks onto my driveway for me to carry into my garage to put in my recycle bin, and for me to take out weekly to recycle. They don’t recycle. If I put their unwanted newspapers or phonebooks, or other trash or branches back in their driveway, they are re deposited back in my driveway.(Raking of leaves and branches is not done at this end of Magnolia Loop by the grounds crew that work for this HOA, so I rake all of their leaves also, as the wind direction most of the time blows toward my house from theirs, and the leaves end up on my property…copious amts. of bags I put out for months at time in Fall and Winter every Wednesday…They do not rake. Animal control persons were off yesterday and community service persons, (2) came and apparently spoke with the neighbor. They said nothing as they were leaving talking amongst themselves, I looked up and asked what happened and they said, “We told him”, and walked away. Wondering what would be the next step as I know this will not end. When I asked our HOA president to put info in our ” town crier” flier 1 1/2 years ago for 4 months in a row about picking up dog poop, and being responsible for your dogs- it was not done. Instead he ran over to their house and told them I was complaining about their dogs pooping on my driveway. Management skills would suggest that putting a general statement in the flier about the poop would be appropriate, and show common sense. Neither of which are abundant here in this HOA.. Finally after we had a new president for a short period of time, she started putting blurbs in the town crier about picking up your dog’s poop. Apparently the neighbors did not think this message in the flier pertained to them. These issues in addition to the “dump” common ground area next to me with 2 foot long weeds and grass, and a tree on STIII property behind me ready to fall on my and neighbor’s houses finds me at wits end. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. I am 65 years old and disabled, although my condition is much improved from when I first became disabled, (infection in spinal cord), I still am unable to stand or walk for more than 10 minutes, so it is very difficult to continue to put up with the negligence of the neighbor’s debris and dog poop. I have to rake sitting down after 10 minutes. When I moved here my real estate agent assured me that ALL of the grounds were maintained by the HOA…this was of the utmost importance to me as I was paralyzed from top of thighs to toes and in a wheel chair. It was embarrassing to have to crawl with my rake and clean the debris in front of my house on STW property, and in the back of of my house belonging to the STIII property. At least now I can stand and rake for short periods of time. My next endeavor is to purchase a walk behind push mower to mow the grass and weeds in the common ground area next to me that my HOA has chosen to neglect.


  2. Debra, your situation at and near your beautifully kept house really ticks me off. I understand that you have had some discussions with our hoa board, and I too have discussed your situation with the board. I am upset at the injustice the board is delivering to you. I am going to send an e mail to the board and tell them that if they do not rectify the situation near and at your residence I am going to get involved and annoy the crap out of the board. I am taking it upon myself to monitor your situation , attend board meetings, and publicize the marginalization the board is applying to your situation. I am going to check out your situation on a daily routine and start publishing a time line about how the board is not responding to your situation. — I will start today. — Let me start right now. Irma — get over to Debra’s house and start cleaning up the common groundes. I remember when you came to my daughter’s house and asked her to “volunteer” to clean up the debris on common grounds on the lake, in the back of your house. Also, your husband has been pointed out by those who fit in in this neighborhood as being as great voluinteer who does a lot for our common grounds. I start today.— sincerely and honestly, hank springer posted 821am 4 20 18 friday


  3. 1001am 4 20 18 friday- I have just returned from my own humble inspection of the common grounds next to Debra’s house. First of all, to Irma, no need to volunteer and go over to the common grounds next to Debra’s house and start cleaning up the area. The following is what I perceive regarding the common grounds near Debra’s house:
    1. Although the common grounds area in this location had been neglected for some years, thanks to our current President, this specific area of the grounds are no longer being neglected. Since the last time I had inspected this area it is now obvious that President Bill Roberts has directed the ground crew to work in the area and clean it up. I can see that the area looks much better.
    2. President Bill Roberts came over and the three of us had a conversation.
    a. The HOA in Summer Trees East has been in conference with the HOA board of summer trees west considering issues near the walking path which pertains to Summer Trees East responsibilities.
    b. Work remaining to be done by summer trees west is the removal of a large tree stump which can plainly be seen from Debra’s window and people walking on the path. Another tree stump which is closer to Debra’s neighbor’s house will probably not be removed, since that neighbor likes to see the wild animals and birds make that tree stump their habitat. The two tree stumps are large. President Bill Roberts assured Debra that the removal of that unsightly tree stump is being planned for, including getting an estimate of the cost to remove same.
    3. A point came up in the discussion that STW hoa has a time schedule for when grass needs to be cut. It can be that recently association members might have seen our lawn service mower in action, but such activity would have been conducted to mulch up the leaves in certain areas, and not meant to be directed to grass cutting.
    4.. Where I am in error, or if any one wants to add to my observations, this is the place to do it.
    –sincerely and honestly. now posted at 1013am 4 20 18 – hank springer


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