I am bringing your dog poops back to you- 4 20 18

I live in an hoa where in a number of HOA board meetings the board has asked residents to not let their dog loose, and also when walking dogs on leashes, to pick up and take care of any poops their dogs drop on resident’s property or on common grounds.

Yesterday, after repeated complaints, one of our residents felt the need to call the Port Orange animal control department and make a complaint.

I am not sure what the details are, but I guess that when her neighbor lets the dog out, unattended, the dog poops on the complainant’s property.

Nobody needs this shit. Cut it out!  I carry publix plastic bags in my back pocket, and no matter where I might go with my dog, I am prepared to scoop up my dog’s poops.  I find it very easy.

Come on people. After all the talk of us having good neighbors in our community I think it is time for a few of us to fit in and pick up your dog’s poops and do not let them out of your house unattended, unless you have a fence in yard.

I have suggested to the resident who is trying to deal with this problem that she takes pictures of perhaps the dog poops, and or pictures of the dog running loose. Then perhaps if some meat head needs to be embarrassed, I and my lawyer can arrange that.

— sincerely, and honestly — hank springer – posted on http://www.portorangebolo.com at 342pm 4 20 18 friday



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