coyote killing cats in Port Orange? 4 2718

 From a reader:
Hi Hank! Just wondering if you would be able to do this. We need an alert, or warning, of a coyote sighting. A business in the Eastport Business Park on Eastport Parkway near Commonwealth has a colony of cats that they and I have cared for, for years now. They began missing recently one by one. First we thought it could have been that they’d contracted the distemper virus from raccoons in the area. It wasn’t until Monday morning when one of our favorite cats didn’t show for breakfast. A woman who works at the business checked the surveillance camera video, and caught him being snuck up on, killed, and taken off into the woods across the street. There are residential areas right behind the railroad tracks across from the business who should be aware of this coyote. At least now we’re aware of why the cats have gone missing recently.
I’d really appreciate it if you are able to. If not, I will understand. Thank you so much!
posted 4 27 18 friday at 1004am on

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