7 vehicles stolen in ormond 5 8 10

Claire Metz
May 9 at 6:17pm
just fyi from ormond beach pd… 7, count them 7 vehicles stolen in ormond last night… and from different areas…. all w keys left in unlocked vehicles

Public Service Announcement
There has been a recent spike in vehicle thefts in the driveways of private residences and
apartment complexes throughout the City. Victims are leaving their vehicles unlocked, with
the keys inside.
The Ormond Beach Police Department urges you, your family and guests to always remove
your keys from vehicles and be sure to lock the doors.
Following a few easy crime prevention tips could prevent a crime from occurring.
• Remove all valuables from the interior of your vehicle.
• Always lock your vehicle and activate the alarm, if installed.
• Park in well-lit areas.
• Immediately report suspicious activity when you see it.
Officers are increasing their patrols, and are asking for your help to reduce these crimes of
opportunity by rolling up windows, locking your doors and REMOVING valuables to include
vehicle keys from your cars and trucks. For further information on how to prevent these and
other types of crimes, contact OBPD Community Outreach @ (386) 676-3526 or (386) 676-


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