My HOA board of directors do not hold “secret” meetings.

A resident of my HOA community  in his e mail to the board of directors made reference to one of my comments which had been posted on my social media accounts. The original posting by me, Hank Springer is as follows:

——-Port Orange News@poimages

If HOAs are banned or outlawed, how will lawyers survive? — hank springer
It is now 645pm thursday 5 10 18 do you know where your HOA board of directors are? Or better yet, would you know if they had secretly gotten together today before the board of directors’ meeting? I don’t—-

Bob Rhein a director on my HOA board came to me house 5 11 18 1120am to give me a heads up not to  post on social media anything the individual writes because  the individual cannot be trusted.

Mr. Rhein told me that the board has never met in secret as a group.

I can accept Mr Rhein’s assertion because in my opinion, board issuse can be discussed on a one to one basis before a board meeting, by phone, face to face, e mail, and such discussions could be repeated among the directors so that in reality, the board  would have indulged in a pre discussion of issues before the public hoa meeting.

I cannot say with certainty or posit that board of directors do not communicate about issues before an upcoming board meeting, and as far as I understand,n o law is broken in pre discussions about board issues before a board meeting, unless the group met as a whole to have such a discussion.

I have no info that florida sushine law has been broken by my board of directors, nor do I think such a law prohibits pre discussion by board directors,, as long as they do not conduct such as a “group”

Correct me where I am wrong.

— sincerely and honestly  hank springer 1148am 5 11 18

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