scam – using IRS —Deltona 6 11 18 vcso

 Date: 6/11/2018 Time: 2141   Invest Asgn:
Header: FRAUD   Location: 20xx Watersedge Drive, Deltona  Business Name:    ZONE:42
V1 Largent, Arthur, BM, 12-26-1957, 2049 Watersedge Drive, Deltona

V1 reported a male called him claiming to be a representative of the IRS and advised V1 he owed money from a 2013 tax return. The male told him he had a warrant for his arrest and V1 would be arrested if he did not settle the debt immediately. V1 was advised to pay these fees in the form of gift cards. He was advised to send photographs of the gift cards to a phone number with the PIN number scratched off. V1 stated he panicked and purchased $4,900.00 worth of Walmart gift cards as well as iTunes gift cards purchased at Walmart and followed the male’s instructions. Case is active.


One thought on “scam – using IRS —Deltona 6 11 18 vcso

  1. I have had numerous calls from persons with Asian accents claiming to be reps from IRS, stating that I owe for 2 or 3 yrs. past taxes. They call from different area codes each time, State they will be sending the “cops” to come get me if I don’t pay. Have never asked for gift card payment though. The first time they called over 2 years ago, after I hung up I called the IRS and left a message, they ret. my call a few days later and told me I owed 0 balance. The scammers give you an “IRS case number”. Unfortunately for them they use words incorrectly in sentences that helps to give them away, and never has any of them had an American accent…only Asian and most likely Filipino. A good tip is IRS will never contact you initially by phone, they will contact you by letter in the mail, then if you give them permission, they will relay info. by phone.


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