wants money to return cat – debary – 6 11 18 vcso

Case#:18-13718    Date: 6/11/2018 Time: 1130   Invest Asgn:
Header: LARCENY   Location: 4xxHavilland Ct. Debary   Business Name:    ZONE:63

V1 Preil, Susan L. …. Havilland Ct. Debary

V1 reported around the first of the month her cat disappeared; she offered a reward of $500 for the cat’s return. V1 was contacted through e-mail by S1 and S2 who advised they found the cat while on vacation in Debary and have since returned home to Tennessee. V1 requested the cat be taken to a local vet. and scanned to provide the chip number. S1 complied and provided V1 with the chip number as requested. V1 has since sent S1 the $500 in several transactions as requested. However, S1 is refusing to return the cat and has demanded more money.

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