police radio log entries – 255pm + – port orange + 6 17 18 sunday

police radio log – LE 5 and air one channels – Volusia County – port orange: some times dispositions of incident are not heard by me. please take note of time. some log entries are jumbled up as new info comes to me while I am typing.  6 17 18 sunday

303pm domestic disturbance sand pebble circle- port orange

abc liquors daytona beach shores -found items – may be narcotics 319pm

325pm – female with a child – rp reports concern for the child -clyde morris and dunlawton

330 pm – regency hotel – ormond beach? – male with a gun on a balcony – jumps down onto beach and runs with a male chasing him – suspect ran up on a pool deck – rp lost sight of suspect – this may be related to vcso investigating a possible suicidal person – heard on beach patrol radio

340pm inlet harbor rd – needs escort to drop off child with its mother – ponce inlet

350pm daytona beach shores – ceder? cedar? st – power line hazard

354pm verbal disturbance on the beach – may be intox persons – daytona beach shores

420 pm – solicitors – kangaroo wants solicitor trespassed – beville rd south daytona

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