radio log – 6 17 18 sunday 1230pm +

police radio log – LE 5 and air one channels – Volusia County – port orange: some times dispositions of incident are not heard by me. please take note of time. some log entries are jumbled up as new info comes to me while I am typing.

male hitting golf balls from beach up onto Crabby Joes boardkwalk 1230 pm daytona beach shores – beachpatrol

1230 pm – daytona beach shores – stolen vehicle in the last 10 minutes

trespass report in port orange 1233pm

2 42 pm golden coral – false alarm on panic alarm and holdup in golden coral port orange

1235 pm – vehicle on beach almost hit child – beach patrol

kennedy rd daytona beach overdose 1252pm fire rescue radio

101pm dollar general ridgewood ave port orange – physical fight

102pm wal mart neighborhood market – animal complaint – subject with dog has left in a vehicle port orange

hank springer to all the public service fathers who have to work today 6 am to 6pm or whatever – thank you for your service to keep us safe. enjoy your father’s day dinner tonight , and hope you find it easy to leave your family and go to sleep for tomorrow’s tour.

121pm smokerise- port orange- mva report

149pm – I am away from monitor for a while – number 1 son called up to wish me a happy father’s day.

156pm – water rescue on the beach –

I need to look up how man foreclosure of houses are the results of HOAs.actions

215 pm – mcguiness – auto accident – motorcycle – port orange

231pm leslie drive port orange – people threw all her clothes out of the residence

234pm – golden coral – panic and holdup alarm – turned out to be no need by unit investigating – port orange



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