law enforcement block on a license plate (tag).

hank comments: I hear on Volusia County police radio scanner that some data requests come back as “law enforcement block”.

A fellow retired new york state trooper told me some funny stories when he was working in NYC on a 3 agency narcotic task force.  Trooper, DEA, and NYCPD.  The undercover cops had taxi cabs to work with. Many times when stopped for a red light, people would run to the taxi cab and try to get in. When the uncover agent motioned for them to go away, some citizens started cursing at the fake taxi cab driver, sometimes banging on the cab and kicking it.  One uncover agent told my friend that he got tired of these demanding citizens, so he would let them in, take them where they wanted to go, and collected the taxi fare. LOL

When police run plates on an unmarked/undercover vehicle, what does it show up as in the computer system?

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One thought on “law enforcement block on a license plate (tag).

  1. Florida Statute 119.071 is long and has a lot of things in it that block public access to information in some cases for the purpose of privacy for some specified current and former government employees and civil servants.

    This is also why you won’t see a mugshot released or published when a cop is arrested for beating up his wife or driving drunk. Unlike John Q. Public, the Florida Legislature has decided that a different set of rules is in the public interest for some people.

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