Our political system is failing us –

Correct me if I am wrong.

I heard that Trump started zero policy on illegal immigrants in April 2018.

Since the “Flores” court decision  {see https://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/26/us/detained-immigrant-children-judge-dolly-gee-ruling.html } has been in effect since 2015, I wonder how come we did not hear from Congress and the Senate two months ago.  Aren’t most congressmen and senators lawyers?

And yes, I wonder how it could be that Trump’s lawyers around him did not advise Trump that he needed a plan how to release the children within 20 days.

I say our entire political system  is morally corrupt, and plays politics on almost every issue which comes before them and the American public.

And now the deceit and lies coming from the Republicans and Trump are greatly distressing to me.  I remember the shameful response to the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was one of the reasons for my leaving the Republican party.  Both political parties are full of a bunch of political scoundrels.  I have been for some 10 or 12 years NPA, no political affiliation.  How do I vote?  —Like an independent. On the voting ballot, I refuse to vote for any one listed as a Republican or Democrat.  I did make an exception in the last presidential election because of the way Trump campaigned against the establishment Republican candidates.

When these illegal immigrants get into the USA, are there enough jobs for them?  How many tomatoes are on American farms to pick?

It is a disgrace how the political establishment has not fixed the illegal immigrant issues all these years.  It is a disgrace how Trump put in a zero policy into effect with no planning to keep the children with the family. Does this not all point to a political system which is failing us for more than a decade? Social security threatened? Health costs profits going to insurance companies?

And I see with disgust our citizens cheering for their political parties, like rabid fans at a soccer game. My party first, right or wrong!— It’s disgusting.

posted by Hank Springer 937pm 6 20 18


6 thoughts on “Our political system is failing us –

  1. This really started in the 90s with Clinton Obama enforced it the laws where already there before so explain how it’s the republicans or trumps fault stop watching the communist news network


    1. I know it is useless to stick up for my open mind and tell you that I watch both CNN and Fox news. I will tell you of a one day exception. When the news media got on to 2300 children separated I watch all that day only CNN because I wanted to hear with my own ears the political disagreements with the policy. This is not new to me when someone like I who tries to make his best informed judgement on an issue, is accused of only listening to what he wants to hear. Perhaps Bill you want it to be known that you only watch FOX news. Ok, but don’t accuse me of only watching I want to hear. This is not new to me. There was a time when I was called a “ditto head”.
      Now if my information is wrong, please correct me. As I understand what Obama did, he tried to secure our open boarder without conflicting with the Flores ruling. I imagined he did that by turning away the illegal immigrants with children, and if we can believe the statistics, many of them just returned to try it over and over again.
      In regards to the Trump administration, I would like to hear some one in Trump’s administration admit that they tried to dissuade Trump from zero policy by ignoring the Flores decision. But of course, party loyalty comes first before being honest with the public. If that is so, perhaps we can’g handle the truth? Or perhaps, whatever you do, do not criticize your part or step out of line with the party. At all cost, even if it hurts your integrity, do not admit a mistake.
      Maybe I have to say it again. The mistake was not making the new zero policy implementation public knowledge to both continents.
      If the whole approach was handled differently, there would not be so much embarassement for the Republicans and their supporters.
      Let me say it again. I am proud to hate the Republican Party as much as I hate the Democratic party. I am not the ditto head that the humanist society accused me of when I was on a local groups board of directors. I am well aware of the tragedy of American Compassion.
      I truly believe that my statement of my identity is falling on your deaf ears, Bill. But I make this statement not to convince you but to stand up for my true identity, and my opinions, which could be wrong, but is not made with any blind loyalty to any party. And by the way, I accuse you of not understanding when I say fish does not taste like chicken. The point is, there is more to our national discussion than group preferences.
      Since you seem to be so thick, are you surprised when I write that I want to see zero policy at the boarder. But not one that is fumbled and messed up like this Trump administration did. You and I should understand that Trump’s bold move to shock this nation, is a set back on what our true principles should be. And yes, the Democrats will make political hay out of all this, for their only re election advantages.
      Damn, the party loyalists on both side talk like religious fanatics even to go as far as quoting the Bible. Scotty, beam me up. — sincerely and honestly, hank springer posted 1040 am 6 21 18 thursday


  2. I believe it is a disgrace, and has been for many years. It seems neither party wants what is good for the country, just what is best for the next election, to get their candidate elected. I admit that I don’t listen to just one political view put out on a single channel of “news”. I listen to the left leaning and the right leaning, and somewhere in in middle I can reach my own determination of the truth with some other research. CSPAN is also an alternative I think this issue of immigration has reached this level of discourse partly because the influx of illegal immigrants has increased from about 14,000 per month under Obama adm., to 50,000 per month under Trump. The pictures of them in cages last week were taken from 2014 under Obama adm., but was kept quiet by the press that year. The ability to deal with the issues surrounding the housing, health care, education, and weeding out the illegals who want to be here because it is certainly a better country in which to live, versus the people who are fleeing countries where they are facing persecution and terrorism has become increasingly difficult, due to the amount of persons coming and the amount of American persons employed to screen them, (health care workers, administrative personnel, Judges etc.). The latter set need immediate evaluation by Judges for the claims of seeking asylum for admission to this country, and are not being separated from their children and not viewed as breaking the law. They are required to enter this country through a “port of entry”, for evaluation. Persons not seeking asylum and who are entering illegally,,are breaking the law. If an American citizen who breaks the law is separated from their children and put in jail and or let out on “bail”, are required to show up at a later date for a hearing. That is what the Obama adm. was doing for the illegals entering this country, unfortunately only 5% of illegals ever returned for a hearing. A % are in the group MS 13 and recently murdered 13 y/o girls on LI, NY..A gang that runs rampant in CA. Yes, probably there are jobs for the persons seeking employment, many of whom work picking crops in CA and OR., and state of WA. Picking watermelons in CA brings 25 to 30 dollars per hour in Oxnard, CA. I used to live 10 miles from there. A guest worker program was to be initiated under the Bush adm. What happened to that? Much of the $ they earn is sent back to Mexico for their families, and some do pay fed. income tax through others whose SS #s have been stolen from Americans. Another reason illegal immigrants need to be tracked is their health issues. On the news it was said in 2014 that they were discovering that the children had scabies and many of the people had tuberculosis. Screening & tx. for TB takes time. Many from the South American countries have never had any medical care and have no knowledge of personal hygiene. These factors pose health issues for American children if not screened prior to putting them in our class rooms, this all takes time and tax payer money, and require detainment until evals. are completed. One can go back and see videos of Schumer and Pelosi voting and speaking for a “border wall” in2006. Apparently it is no longer politically correct as the left has tilted so far left, to get reelected they must follow the drift of the millennials who are taking charge of the issues and whom many of, do not understand the implications for the future, are just viewing the issues for the NOW time period. I do believe that the homeland security officials need to let the journalists into the holding facilities so that they can verify the treatment of the persons being held, as they state they are receiving medical, health, and education, and this needs to be verified. The info. being put out that there are 11 million illegals in this country is info. from the year 2004. We also need to keep in mind that there are millions of people who apply to enter this country legally every year and have many papers to complete and thousand of dollars in fees to pay for the eval. of those records, and many times takes 5 to 10 years to obtain permission to come here to live. Our immigration policy needs updating and considerable re evaluation. Our politicians, and so called journalists need to do what is best for the country, and not what is politically correct, and to stop telling lies, and leaving out information that is pertinent to Americans evaluation of what is true and what is not. Both left leaning and right leaning channels do this, and it is frustrating. Being manipulated by the press is like living in a banana republic. Remember when the news was the news? Did we know which political party Walter Cronkite belonged to?


  3. I’m not saying whose fault it is. Just saying it is difficult to evaluate considering the info we are given. There are 2 sides to most things. Stop the name calling.


  4. The right constantly quotes scriptures which I can’t stand, but I thought it was hilarious when I saw Nancy Pelosi doing it on TV., and talking about saving the “babies”, while She who thinks it’s OK to have 3rd term abortions legal in this country. A phony to be sure.


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