Where is Port Orange News? 6 22 18 Friday

“Senator McCarthy, do you have no shame?”

“I am not a crook!”

“There was no sex with that woman.”

Here are the angel families, who had family members brutally killed by illegal immigrants. 6 22 18

No way can I Hank Springer not spend my time following this national crisis horror. If you come to my social media outlets to find references to Port Orange News, or the Port Orange radio log, please accept my apologies. Maybe the weekend of 6 23 and 6 24 18 will calm down on CNN and Fox News, but I doubt it.  Every day Donald Trump and his party or supporters present to the public what I consider to be false narratives, in attempts to deflect from the big mistake of President Donald Trump.  And so I feel obliged to predict that until this national crisis is over, my Port Orange News media outlets will probably be scarce of local news.

I must tell you, that I see no way the Republican Party or the Democratic party cannot either force President Trump to resign, or impeach this president. Day after day there is another false narrative presented to the public, which  a large part of the citizens are treated to.

Those of you who do not care to follow this historical event or read my opinion of this mess, are encouraged to follow the Daytona Beach News-Journal or the Port Orange Observer.

— sincerely and honestly, Hank Springer, 1119pm 6 22 18 Friday.


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