2 + 2 = 4. Who says that? Mussolini? 6 24 18

I expect  the political dialogue on all aspects of immigration will continue, certainly until the mid term election and maybe even beyond.

One of the virtues of an open mind, or at least an inquiring mind, is to explore and consider what is being reported to us by a political party and even the news media.

Even when a sincere person would like to hear the opposite view to a opinion, and perhaps the opinion at the time is his or her’s, the inquiring person is denied a rational,, logical response, because the premise of the question is known to be held by a group which has been demonized by certain people.

Prejudice and bias can be secretly taken into the privacy of the voting booth, but when it is used to silence a sincere dialogue, it may be boarding on society’s freedom of speech.

And there are attorney’s who can bully people to be silent, by legal action. Ponder the legal device of “a gag order” when perhaps a governmental or quasi governmental authority has made an honest mistake or guilty of malfeasance. It is a blatant denial of information to a public which deserves to know the outcome of arbitration considering that citizens have to pay for the expensive cost of an arbitrator.  That happened some years ago in the city of #portorange in a dispute with #daytonabeachshores about water bills underpaid.

I have been warned by an HOA attorney that the name of my community, Summer Trees West, is copyrighted and is legally protected as a brand name, and any time I want to write about Summer Trees West, I must ask  permission from my HOA board, and it can demand a $l,000 payment from me to the board , and my past opinions of my named community’s HOA board could add up to a demand for $150,000.00

I know I am at a rhetorical disadvantage to write about what could be perceived as a personal grudge, but nevertheless I use my personal experience to attempt to bring the problem of free speech which is being challenged in some quarters because of the recently acquired evolutionary advantage of the written word on social media.

The barrage of information , both for and against an issue, is a unique consequence as a result of technological advances. I think the experience humanity is trying to adjust to, is more important than when some select groups had in accepting, centuries ago the Gutenberg printing press.

Alvin Toflfer’s best seller “Future Shock” of 1970 hinted at some difficulties to be appreciated as the nation approached the acceleration of  access to knowledge and information sharing with  advanced technology.

It seems to be much more urgent in order to preserve one’s identity and beliefs, to find a way to censure or deny an opposing voice in the debates.

“Fake News” is a decisive label to deliver a killing blow to reporting of rumors, facts and opinions.  I include “rumors” because I believe that even “rumors” need to be exposed, examined and debated in an open forum.

There is no doubt about it, but the complexities of immigration will be discussed as a  political issue for some time to come.  A crisis is too good of a thing to be wasted by  politicians.

I am an independent or NPA, non political affiliation.  I wish there were more of us to offset the seemingly black and white judgments of political loyalists. It’s tough being grey.

— sincerely and honestly hank springer – posted 1040am 6 24 18 sunday.

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