Glenn Beck – the news media is all about itself – 6 24 18

Glen Beck a short time ago (now 1201pm 6 24 18) was interviewed on a major TV show. (starting now, I will not report which TV station I saw an interview or report, because I no longer am sure American political fanatics will not automatically accept or dismiss my recounting of an interview, based on what TV network initiated the interview or report. Tragic that it has come to this in America–If I report something from CNN readers tell me to watch fox news.  When I report something from Fox News readers tell me to watch CNN- this is so dangerous in our nation.  I blame both political parties that it has come to this— hank) Glenn Beck accused the news media of being all about them selves. Then he proceeded to point out that Glenn had visited the border and one TV network did not report his good deed.  America, we have a big problem in communicating to each other. The bees in a bee hive know better than this.   Logic 101 in College seems to be a big waste of time.  — sincerely and honestly, Hank – posted 1211pm 6 24 18 sunday.


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