What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – 6 25 18

In my radio log I had posted an entry regarding another police call to an address which happens to be in my community.

I then sent an e mail to my HOA board as a “heads up” that there has been an ongoing problem with the lady who lives at the specified address,  T;he radio log entry repeated that the woman was missing for 45 minutes, and was finally located at our  community pool.,

I had an e mail discourse with the president of our HOA board and agreed with him that this is a police matter and not a matter for the board to take care of.  I was pleased that  he included 13 people in our community in our community with this e mail discourse This was a “heads  up” advisement to our board, and the president of our board acknowledged that he has been aware of the problem from a neighbor who lives near the house of the subject..

Missing the entire purpose of the exchange of e mails among 15 people, a member of the board  e mailed that “I (hank) never gives up, does he”  …  “What do you (hank} want the board to do provide psychiatric care for the lady?”…

I think the days of HOA boards controlling the information dispersed in an HOA community are over. I have found that my HOA board is very displeased with me having a social media voice in what is going on in our community.

Certainly, for this one board member, as I told her, the days of only Board Members allowed to disperse communication are over.

— sincerely and honestly hank springer posted 1132am 6 15 18 monday.



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