Communication to and from my HOA board.

I have been odds with my HOA board for about 2 and a half years. And if you know me you would guess I have communicated my criticism to it by e mail. Where I could compliment it I have. One board member demanded that I not send her any more e mails.  This is a tactic used in a variety of ways  by a few of my  board members  to silence association members who have disagreements with some of the issues concerning board activities. If you google to receive alerts about news articles concerning HOAs you will see that this is not a unique tactic for only my HOA board.

In the past few days I gave my board a “heads up” about a residence which have had many police incidents for quite a long period of time. In the latest instance , she was missing in our neighborhood for about 30 minutes and was finally located by police at our community pool just before midnight.

On another matter, I told the board that I was delighted to see a draft of the minutes posted within 2 weeks after the meeting.  It has been my complaint that we go to a following meeting conducted by the HOA board and at that meeting have no idea of what the approved meeting for the month before is.  At one HOA meeting I presented two critiques of what I considered to be poor board activities.  One was about the untimely posting of the minutes and the other was about 41 deficiencies from the city of Port Orange about our HOA clubhouse structure.  Because of the board’s encouragement of association members to demonize members who have criticism of the board, one lady yelled to me to sit down, shut up and she stuck her tongue out at me.

A certain member of my hoa board recently took my “heads up” about a police problem in our neighborhood as criticism of the board.  In the other recent communication from me to the board, I told them that I was delighted to see that the overworked, volunteer board  had managed to post the minutes two weeks after the June 14, 2018 meeting. .  I also asked where and when the board had met to approve the draft of the minutes.  This lady board member knowing that I am in disagreement of not presenting to the association members a timely record of the minutes, wrote to me “You never give up, do you Hank?”

And now, read more from this lady board member:

You know what Hank, You are just upset because there will be nothing for you to complain about for 2 months. Now once again MOVE ME FROM YOUR MAILING LIST.

and Hank’s reply to the lady, which alludes to other tactics by my HOA board:

oh yes , sorry, I forgot (as you demand) I am not allowed to have input to all of my board members.  Please don’t get your HOA board attorney to go after me for cyber stalking and please don’t run down to the police station and get a trespass warning out on me.  What you can do is go to court and  get an injunction against me.  But thank you for your communication to me.  Feel free to contact me any time you wish.
Best to you (name) — from Hank.
posted on my web site 6 26 18 at 427pm


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