Criticism – who tolerates it well? – Hank- 6 27 18

…..avoid the mode of criticism that identifies and focuses only on a figure’s most controversial words, as if locating a sufficiently problematic statement renders it verboten to glean anything of value from a person’s work. …..

……“For the first time in human history the spoken word has the same reach as the written word, and there are no barriers to entry. That’s a Gutenberg revolution,”…..

….: “The narrow bandwidth of TV has made us think that we are stupider than we are. And people have a real hunger for deep intellectual dialogue.”….

…. In response to a negative review of 12 Rules in the New York Review of Books, Peterson famously Tweeted, “You arrogant, racist son of a bitch Pankaj Mishra: How dare you accuse me of ‘harmlessly romancing the noble savage.’ That’s how you refer to my friend Charles Joseph ( ), who I’ve worked with for 15 years? And you call me a fascist? You sanctimonious prick. If you were in my room at the moment, I’d slap you happily.” ….


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