All the news that’s not fit to print – 6 28 18

The last two days of news has affected me.  Trying to follow the law on illegal immigration when using  the kids as pawns. Congress grilling Rostein, both parties using information or the lack of it for political advantage for the next election. And then the shooting of news paper reporters because of some grudge held since 2012?

I asked my daughter yesterday if she noticed all the bad things coming out in the news which go back to around 2013? Around that year in my HOA some bad deceit,,  conflicts between two neighbors got my HOA board involved in litigation to kick a 90 yr. old veteran out of his retirement home because some people on the board named his son as a nuisance. This litigation is still going on and the next court date is July 3, 2018.

I may feel better tomorrow  morning.  If not, I will tell my readers that I am starting a vacation from referencing all the news.  I think l will know if I need a vacation by tomorrow morning when I wake up.  Maybe a little change in scenery will be good for me. Maybe I will go down to the beach, set up an umbrella and read a book.

I have the feeling that this thing with Trump might start a civil war.  What was that I heard in the 1960s? — was it” I understand their anger”. I sense that there is a feeling around that people don;;t have control of their lives, or if everything is going alright, that could change overnight. With all the infinite, haphazard complexities of life, maybe due to advances in technology which have jumped too far ahead of our human evolution , there is a feeling of anxiousness, frustration, and anger. Maybe the saying has some validity — “ignorance is bliss”.

Going to sleep on it and see how I feel tomorrow. I am ok, but tonight feeling down, because I see TOO MUCH negative news. I understand that good news now a days only means that people are doing what they are suppose to do,

Sorry for the rant.  Maybe letting it out will do some good for me, but I go to sleep now generally disgusted with the news. I always have been a news junkie, but maybe now a lot of us are getting too much news.  I feel guilty tonight that I have felt delight in referencing  the news, sharing the news, and it might be dawning on me, that we cant handle the truth., or at least all this information.

I;ll get back to you tomorrow. Good night –  hank

posted 1057pm 6 28 18 thursday

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