Florida Man Jailed for Failing to Unlock His Phone

…. “If they arrest you for anything — whether it’s drugs, guns, you name it — and an electronic device is nearby, they can get a search warrant and search it. And if you don’t provide that information to search it, to unlock, because you want to keep the information private, we’ll put you in jail,” said Leduc….

read more at https://gizmodo.com/florida-man-jailed-for-failing-to-unlock-his-phone-1827600878

One thought on “Florida Man Jailed for Failing to Unlock His Phone

  1. SCOTUS has ruled in the past that being forced to disclose passwords is a violation of Constitutional Rights. Interestingly being forced to provide a fingerprint to unlock a device has been ruled OK.

    In this case it’s a choice between giving up those rights, and spending time (in jail and otherwise) and money (to the legal system) to exercise them.

    This sounds like the backing out of a driveway without yielding stop was a pretext stop. They used that to force a search of the car. The law says they must have the dog there to sniff the car within the time it takes to normally write the traffic ticket. They can’t hold a person beyond that while waiting for a dog. This may be the reason they contacted a canine unit right away, it was a premeditated stop and search that was going to happen with or without permission.

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