Your Property Rights – 7 24 18

…. But we live in a time of massive upheaval in this nation. There are dangerous forces operating in every community, in every state legislature, in our federal government and on the international level. Those driving the upheaval are private, independent non-governmental organizations (NGOs)….

…. There were people in the town who knew the game being played against the residents. THIS WAS AGENDA 21 IN ACTION!….


I wanted to tell you this story because as I travel the nation teaching people about the threat of Agenda 21 too many of them believe it can’t be stopped. They fear that the NGOs and planners are just too powerful.

I want you to know that is not true! It can be stopped. You can save your town and your property rights.

This is what the American Policy Center is all about. This is what I do! I travel and speak. I write. I teach. I alert. …

American Policy Center <>

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