DUI check point stats – Port Orange 7 20 18

The following was received from the Port Orange Police Department. received 7 31 18.

TO: Chief Thomas R. Grimaldi

FROM: Captain Scott Brozio, Patrol Division

DATE: July 30, 2018

CC: File

FILE: SWB0718.M006

SUBJECT: Impaired Driving Checkpoint – July 30, 2018


The Port Orange Police Department conducted an Impaired Driving Checkpoint event on July 20, 2018. The checkpoint was in operation from 2210 hours on July 20, 2018 through 0200 hours on July 21, 2018. The overall hours for the detail, including set-up of the traffic pattern and contact site through the breakdown of the traffic pattern and contact site were from approximately 2000 hours on July 20, 2018 through approximately 0300 hours on July 21, 2018. Please note that the enforcement portion of the activity commenced 10 minutes later than anticipated due to an issue completing the set-up of the traffic pattern.

The purpose of the checkpoint was for citizen education of impaired driving, prevention of impaired driving, and enforcement of applicable laws concerning impaired driving. The Impaired Driving Checkpoint was conducted as part of the requirements for the Florida Department of Transportation Impaired Driving grant awarded to the City of Port Orange for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Statistical Summary:

The below information contains the total numbers of vehicles reported coming through the checkpoint area, diverted into the checkpoint area, vehicles which required further investigation for criminal or traffic violations, Field Sobriety Exercises conducted, and arrests made. One arrest was made in reference to DUI, one arrest (NTA) was made in reference to possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia, and one criminal citation (NTA) was issued. Please note that the following occurrences during the event impacted the total number of diverted vehicles: one Votran bus was contacted on Dunlawton Avenue (Causeway) for evaluation as opposed to diverting due to the size of the vehicle, one vehicle that was to be diverted as per the predetermined count was stopped by the Daytona Beach Shores Department of Public Safety prior to being contacted by our Traffic Control Officer, and for two brief instances the diversion of vehicles was suspended due to public safety concerns (please see memo completed by Lt. Besuden as the Checkpoint Commander, for specific details regarding the suspensions of activities during the event including the time frames which were suspended, and individual reasons for each of the suspensions of activity.

Time Frame Total Vehicles Diverted Vehicles FSE Conducted Other Investigations Arrests

2210 – 2240 195 38 1 0 1

2240 – 2310 162 32 0 2 0

2310 – 2340 155 31 0 3 2

2340 – 0010 96 19 0 1 0

0010 – 0040 75 13 0 1 0

0040 – 0110 55 8 0 2 0

0110 – 0140 43 8 0 1 0

0140 – 0200 14 3 0 0 0

TOTALS 795 152 0 10 3


For this event, a total of 15 members of the Port Orange Police Department took part in the Impaired Driving Checkpoint Operation. This represented a mix of salaried personnel and personnel which met the requirement for grant reimbursement.

Overall, one participant was salaried personnel and did not incur any additional overtime benefit from working the event. The total hours worked falling under this category was 7 hours.

One member, assigned the role of Apprehension Officer, was obtained from Charlie Platoon to take part in the event and did not incur any overtime benefit from working the event. The total hours worked falling under this category was 7 hours.

Thirteen members assigned to the operation were eligible for reimbursement for incurred overtime from the awarded Impaired Driving grant. The total hours worked falling under this category was 88 hours.

The total personnel hours utilized for this operation was 102 hours.


Although there was only one Impaired Driving arrest made, the event was deemed to have a positive impact. The multitude of contacts allowed for many positive interactions between our officers and our citizens, both residents and visitors alike. “Don’t Drink and Drive” air fresheners were provided to those drivers who accepted them, and stuffed animals were available for children in vehicles diverted. The educational and deterrence aspects of the operation appeared to be a success.

Lt. Besuden reported no significant issues occurring during or stemming from the operation of the checkpoint. It was reported that diversion of vehicles was suspended briefly on two occasions during the event. For full details of the factors that went into the decision to suspend the diversion of vehicles on each occasion, please see the corresponding memo completed by Lt. Besuden.

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One thought on “DUI check point stats – Port Orange 7 20 18

  1. These stats are in line with my prediction of 2 or less DUIs and much less other citations. It has been proven that checkpoints are not as effective or efficient at removing impaired drivers from the road as simply adding additional specifically tasked patrol units.

    It is my opinion that when the SCOTUS ruled making check points legal, they did not consider that a multitude of positive contacts for education and deterrence justified the inconvenience to the travelling public. It was strictly in the interest of removing drunk drivers from the roads. What we are seeing in Port Orange and other locations is “scope creep” and the misuse of road blocks.

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